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'05+ SuperDuty aftermarket track bar

I'm swapping in a Dana 60 from an '07 SuperDuty. It came with the track bar and frame mount, but that's not going to work for my application. I plan on just making an adjustable track bar out of DOM and 2 heims and then fabbing up a frame mount, but for the axle side, I really don't want to use the factory ball joint, as I hear those wear out pretty quickly. I saw this kit from ReadyLIFT that replaces the factory ball joint with a clevis so that you can mount a heim. I don't believe they sell just the clevis alone though, and I don't feel like paying $650 for the whole kit. Does anyone know of any other solution or product sold? I know these axles are pretty popular for swaps, so this problem must have been solved already.

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