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Originally Posted by dntsdad View Post
I don't "get" the fear of being in combat just because someone told me about it, or I saw a movie. .
Funny you mentioned that, as it's the exact example I was thinking of.

Would everyone be making Reddit cry-faces for a deserter who abandoned his post and sworn oath? Maybe his squad-mates needed him in a dire time, but it was stressful and frightening! I guess it wasn't the right decision, but you have to consider his mental state when he went AWOL, not just brand him a coward and deserter. Unless you were there, under fire, you can't judge.


She didn't have the guts to buckle down and pull through a hard time.
She didn't have the decency and respect to walk away.
She should be judged as a failure.

Eta this, which I fully agree with:

To you and crowbar, I am sincerely sorry for your loss. And no, I cannot empathize with what you have been through. But, I feel for you and hope the best for you both. Life can be tough and unfair. That is for sure.
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