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3 weeks and 3 days. I thought it was at least a month at this point. A month is a few days after Fathers Day weekend. This week my wife is in Mexico so I'm "single dad" with grandma watching my son during the day. I got my alternator reinstalled in my 89 Cherokee again (for the 4th time) after doing it wrong for 5 hours. Apparently they timing chain is held in by studs that hold the bracket for the alternator on by studs. I wasn't even drinking when I took it apart either. Just not paying attention.

Tried CBDs and not much happened. Tried a THC edible (candy bar). Both times treated it like it was hard liquor and double digit THC = double digit alcohol because my brain said that was normal. Not really my thing. Might try it again if I'm feeling rich. Shit aint cheap compared to beer. If anyone has strains or suggestions I'm open to it but I highly (no pun intended) it can match the feeling of being drunk stumbling around the house or blankly staring at the television or talking shit on the internet thinking it's funny.

Oh and I'm helping pace a friend through Western States 100 weekend. Oh and I kind of recognize how much other people want things their way and never want to change/admit they're wrong now. Weird shit happens when you're sober.
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