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Originally Posted by 78bronco460 View Post
I tried replacing alcohol with weed a long time ago, and it was a complete failure. I was trying to replace that warm euphoria of alcohol and it just made me dumb enough to get drunk again. Not judging you, just giving you my experience. Nothing can replace alcohol for me. I just had to learn to live without it.
This is what I'm expecting. I'm also curious if I'd get the same "addiction" to it if I continued, or if I'd be able to put it down like a cigarette. Just buying the stuff still seems odd.

I'm happy without it. Heck I'm going wheeling for the first time (hopefully) into Rubicon next weekend. I just spent $400 for a locker, tow strap, shackles, 2 1310 u joints and strap kits from Summit. I don't exactly have money for much else since I'm (somewhat) smart about using my credit card.

EDIT: 4 weeks and 1 day today. Tried THC and I don't like it. As other said it just seemed like a substitute.

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