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On '06 TJ's, the 5V supply wire is Pink, with a yellow tracer at the CPS connector. Black w/Dark Green is the sensor ground. Brown with the Light Blue tracer is the sensor signal to the PCM.

Testing the CPS or other 3 wire Hall Effect sensors like the cam sensor and three wire vehicle speed sensor:
If you have a digital multimeter and some sewing "T" pins, you can test the signal. Leave the connector connected. Slip the sewing pins into the connector from the harness side, along the wire so it touches the metal terminal inside the connector (Without pricking the wire insulation) Make the connection to the ground and the sensor signal wires. Crank over the engine, you should see a fluctuating voltage as the sensor makes it's output. It's putting out a square wave 0-5 Volts if you have a scope handy.

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