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OP needs to grow a pair. It's not gonna handle like a car. Deal.

Everyone saying sway bars need to pull their heads out of their asses. Any sway bar stiff enough to keep something with 6" lift coils (have you seen the kinds of spring rates TTB lift coils have?) from being all over the road is going to seriously compromise handling in other ways.

Originally Posted by mobil1syn View Post
short wheel base and beams make for some interesting handling, especially with a 6" superlift. not sure what to tell you other then make sure the steering angle matches the beam angle, ditch the airbags because im sure towing with that setup has to be sketchy as hell. i would also venture to say the kit is over sprung which isnt doing you any favors.
This is spot on.

Originally Posted by Beat95YJ View Post
Excessive rebound or compression can make a ride stiff. Bouncy can be a result of a stiff or soft shock both. It sounds like your issue is float on compression, leading me to believe that you would like more compression. I built a f150 that rode nice with crazy amounts of compression. Iím amazed what a ttb will take.

The rebound just needs to control the spring. More spring rate requires more rebound. High rebound, high spring rate, minimal compression are common in passenger and performance cars, doesnít translate well to trucks imo.
I second all of this. TTB likes minimal rebound.

Originally Posted by BDK View Post
Did you keep the sway bars? If you removed them, you can get a wallow type effect. Without the sway bars on my Explorer it would wallow all over the highway when I still had the TTB suspension. Sometimes, it would go into a death wallow until I either braked or accelerated.
Something else is fucked. Most of my TTB vehicles didn't come with sway bars and I removed them from the rest. They don't have any sort of "wallow"
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