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OP needs to grow a pair. It's not gonna handle like a car. Deal.

It would be nice if it drove like a truck. I don't need a 70's Eldorado.

Everyone saying sway bars need to pull their heads out of their asses. Any sway bar stiff enough to keep something with 6" lift coils (have you seen the kinds of spring rates TTB lift coils have?) from being all over the road is going to seriously compromise handling in other ways.

Especially since it has the sway bar on it.

This is spot on.

Bags improved the handling for now and was far less sketchy towing than it was before. The steering angle is as close as it can get at the moment. There is very slight bump steer and it's magnified by the marsh mellows holding the front end up.. Oversprung as in too stiff? any softer would be wet noodles.

Superlift 6" coil 445lb free length 21.5"
Procomp 4" coil 475lb 18.750"
Stock 366lb 15.8"

I second all of this. TTB likes minimal rebound.

It has that now and it may love it, I don't.

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