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Originally Posted by Mr.RatBastard View Post
A few dollars more and I will go back to the drawing board. I don't want to get in it much more at this point. A lot of people would be happy with the way it's driving.
a pair of bolt in performance series shocks would be ideal, atleast then you could revalve them to get the ride quality you are after.

Originally Posted by Mr.RatBastard View Post

Bags improved the handling for now and was far less sketchy towing than it was before. The steering angle is as close as it can get at the moment. There is very slight bump steer and it's magnified by the marsh mellows holding the front end up.. Oversprung as in too stiff? any softer would be wet noodles.

Superlift 6" coil 445lb free length 21.5"
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Stock 366lb 15.8"
bags keep the ass end from sagging and keeps the steering happy, once the rear sags and the front droops you get some toe in and that creates the wandering. played that game once and it was uh, interesting to say the least. especially a crossed the expansion joints on the highway. what this also does is makes the front do all the work since the rear becomes 'stiff' even unloaded. good luck

fyi - on my coilovers im running a 169 combined rate (275/400)

Originally Posted by Mr.RatBastard View Post
The Bilteins are on the way I will update if they made it worse or better.
id cancel the order and call accutune
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