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a pair of bolt in performance series shocks would be ideal, atleast then you could revalve them to get the ride quality you are after.

bags keep the ass end from sagging and keeps the steering happy, once the rear sags and the front droops you get some toe in and that creates the wandering. played that game once and it was uh, interesting to say the least. especially a crossed the expansion joints on the highway. what this also does is makes the front do all the work since the rear becomes 'stiff' even unloaded. good luck
I would say the rear is over sprung at this point and it is unbalanced(I still prefer it to dragging my elbows going around corners)But it's not right yet, no doubt. I should be able to drop the bags down with the new shocks.

fyi - on my coilovers im running a 169 combined rate (275/400)

Good to know. Did you do upper mounts like this?

id cancel the order and call accutune
They are here and I am going to try them out. I may be totally wrong about this but I will post the results either way. These are night and day with the BDS shocks so good or bad it will be different.

Originally Posted by welndmn View Post
If you did not know, off the shelf shocks for Bronco/F150 are valved different for single shock, or dual shock front ends, so make sure you buy correctly, I don't know how Bilstien makes their part numbers.
Ford also didn't put 2 shocks on the front end as a nice feature, you need more damping to control the TTB. While the Bilstien is a quality shock, I don't think 1 will do, you need to step up to a 2.5 inch shock or dual shocks if you want performance out of it.
I do know and that was really what the whole thread was about. The two sets of brand new shocks I have are so soft you can easily compress them by hand. I was concerned that meant they were actually for a 4 shock front end so I was trying to get verification my third set would be for a single shock per side setup. The new Bilsteins are way different than what I have. Good or bad we will see. I think they will allow me to drop the air bag pressure down and gain a little control of the springs.

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