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Originally Posted by Beat95YJ View Post
Where do you get the idea that you have minimal rebound now? You have shit twin tubes that are likely pretty high in rebound. All your complaints are about compression damping in the OP.
I could be ass backwards but my reason for thinking I have minimal rebound was that BDS shocks are weak and slow to rebound and the Bilsteins rebound quickly with authority on the bench anyway. I know that is a over simplification but that's it.
The Bilsteins were bought to address the compression damping. The BDS are also have very weak compression damping imo. I don't think the truck even knows there are shocks on it. After driving it about 50 miles today I am thinking it has more to do with the shocks than anything else.

Anyone want to buy some BDS nitro shocks? They are great.
I also have a set of Superlift shocks, never even opened the box.
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