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Originally Posted by Mr.RatBastard View Post
Good to know. Did you do upper mounts like this?
attached are a few pictures, two frames supports is not enough, plus i didnt like where the shock ends up on their and the other hoops.

Originally Posted by Mr.RatBastard View Post
I do know and that was really what the whole thread was about. The two sets of brand new shocks I have are so soft you can easily compress them by hand. I was concerned that meant they were actually for a 4 shock front end so I was trying to get verification my third set would be for a single shock per side setup. The new Bilsteins are way different than what I have. Good or bad we will see. I think they will allow me to drop the air bag pressure down and gain a little control of the springs.
thats because they are a shock without an IFP.
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