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Originally Posted by Beat95YJ View Post
You are talking about the fact that the bilsteins are high pressure monotubes, while the BDS are lower pressure (if at all) twin tubes. Extension on the bench is not a good indicator of rebound damping. If it was, FYI slower is stiffer (more rebound)

Originally Posted by mobil1syn View Post
attached are a few pictures, two frames supports is not enough, plus i didnt like where the shock ends up on their and the other hoops.

thats because they are a shock without an IFP.
Very nice setup. I am trying to keep the damn thing simple. Next thing you know I will be doing a major build. I have enough builds going onto keep me busy for awhile. I would love to copy your setup and I might have tried if I asked more questions early on. Now it's time to drive it for awhile.
Thanks for all the input everybody. I will update after some miles are on it.
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