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Originally Posted by DT75FLH View Post
when i worked on the FD for a south suburb of chicago...the PD arrested a guy for having a domestic with a hooker....when they went in it was a stash house for the gangster disciples an he had 2 kilos of coke and a bag of guns....he got arrested and they bonded him out the next day.....

they found him that night with 6 bullets in him

all over 100 hooker.....

I wonder how many heads are going to roll over this...
If by roll, you mean chopped off, then I bet a bunch.

I know they used to lose a DC3 now and then during the Pablo days and just write it off as a business expense, but it doesn't mean someone didn't wake up dead over it.

I'll be interested to see who the source was for the coke.
Originally Posted by Mustard Dog
Me and my co driver were running across the Lakebed on our way to pre run when we saw :gary: walking his dog.

We didn't stop to say hi cause he's a fucking douchebag.

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