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It just gets two anode bags that generate 850 to 1300 MV to repel corrosion, and need to be tested every year. It’s no big deal, just recently dug up 3 that we’re 20 years old and look brand new, and got reburied elsewhere. Retail on an AG 1000 is $2k new. With digging and burying burying and sand and a permit $4k is a legit number.

Craigslist is your friend for this, and call the small independents for a used one, either AG or UG. The ROI is better on the Above, just dig a new trench and move it out of view.

QUOTE=billdacat;44506680]Newbe to this propane thingy... I would like a buried tank; what is a reasonable size? Local propane company gave me a crazy figure on a buried 1000 gal tank. (~4K installed). The ROI on that bitch wouldn't be realized until long after I am dead. I think the current leased tank is maybe 400 gallons.

Need some fact checking; soil conditions are very corrosive in my area and buried tanks need special precautions (propane guy speak). Something about "tank termites". I am not throwing down the BS flag right now but will investigate. :-)[/QUOTE]

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