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Photobucket blows with their huge watermark

Anyways, been working on this.

Rebuilt the D300 with fresh bearings. Front output had like 1/4" of play before, now everything is nice and tight. It also leaked out of almost every gasket, so fresh gaskets and some Ultra Black RTV will hopefully keep it dry. Also going to add a sight tube to both the D300 and the range box.

I am using a plate mount on the rear of the D300 and bushings as my trans mount. Plate is 3/8". The Nissan rangebox is integrated into the rear of the trans with like 13 bolts and the NWF TX-10-D300 doubler adapter is made out of 6061 billet, so they should be plenty beef to hold up to the abuse.

Been continuing my welding and fabrication on the chassis with lots of little stuff that doesn't make for good photos. Got the B-Pillar gussets in.

Buddy turned me onto these sweet little spring clips for roof and body panels. The ones I am using for the roof are 3/8" and the body panel ones are 1/4". I think they are a stock ford part.

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