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Originally Posted by dave_dj1 View Post
. . He just needed a hug.
Originally Posted by Landslide View Post
A hug?!? Fawk that shit, he needs his ass handed to him...
How about a compromise: put him in "time out"

Originally Posted by EverNoob View Post
Never heard of these clowns. Radio shock/comedy jocks are a dead medium.

And, you don't think they make these decisions, do you? They either couldn't afford to pay him or their lawyes didn't feel comfortable with the 'incel' '#metoo' shit going on with it.

I would guess that. They were told they couldn't get him and then made up shit that their dwindling fanbase obviously believed. Could be they just couldn't get him. Local is a dead mart and they probably used up whatever trickle of a budget they're allotted this month.

No one's heard of Boomer and Gio but this guy is an international viral star.

Did you ever hear that one broadcast where Howard Stern made fun of PewDiePie? He mocked him for having 8 million subscribers when Howard took credit for saving Sirius/XM.

Pewds now has 2x as many subscribers as all of Sirius/XM now. The entire thing.
Sour grapes much? Get over it - Boomer and Gio thought you were too much of a douchebag, so what?

I know you're hurting, but no need to run them down like that - it comes off as petty.

[smug, lyrical yet patronizing voice]
Besides, aren't you supposed to be in time out right now, little man?
You know what you did in the bagel shop.
Now, off you go, you little scamp!
[/smug, lyrical yet patronizing voice]

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