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Last winter, I found an Advance Adapters 23sp Dana 300 tailhousing adapter for the Ford T-19 for sale. I followed that up with a rebuild kit for the T19. Then a new 1-2 and 3-4 syncro hub...

The T-19 I rebuilt needed it. The tailshaft was shot (not that I knew before hand) - and at least one syncro hub got ruined when I pressed it off the main shaft (they're supposed to slide off)

I was setting things up, waiting for the day I destroyed the Dana 20.

This Spring, that day happened.

And not like I expected it to.. during a full throttle assault on an icy hill, I wound up trying HIGH range and somewhere during that attempt, I took a couple of teeth off the Tera Low 3.15:1 gear set inside the Dana 20.

It wasn't the 10sp rear output I was expecting. Not the case. No, it was the $1000+ gear set.

So, time for an upgrade.

Mock up on the floor confirmed ~3" longer.

The Atlas is actually shorter than the Dana 20, but the transfercase adapter is much longer than the 1" plate IH used.

T-19 with Dana 20


T-19 with Atlas 2spd

So... I have a question for those of you that have BTDT and put an Atlas in your Scout II.

Where did you put the exhaust?

View from the front diff to the t'case

I have a 1" body lift. I can rotate the Atlas until it hits the floor and then back off a little.

I can also drop it an inch or so from there and still have a flat belly.

Neither position allows for even a 2" exhaust to go between the case and the frame or body seam.

How have you solved this?

The higher clocking might let me smash up a pipe and squeeze it by under the Atlas but still above the (bottom of the) frame rail, but with some up and down jogging to go around the crossmember.

I'm not sure how practical it is, but the other thought is to come UP and cork-screw over the driveshaft, and then pass between the Atlas and the crossmember, under the transfer case adapter and then run across to the driver's side and Y into a single muffler.

(I've been wanting to do something other than the dual glasspacks for quite some time.. now I have an opportunity)

Do I need more body lift? (I'd have to redo some of the cage-tie-ins)

I hesitate to cut the floor rib.

I've known folks to run the exhaust outside the frame rails, but I don't see a clean way to get out without more body lift or cutting the floor support.

I could go for the "under-the-oil-pan" cross-over I've seen, but with the headers, that doesn't seem like a convenient path.

I think something went awry on my Atlas order. I swear I asked for a 1410 flange, and a 1310 CV yoke. But I have a 1410 yoke on the rear output and a dual pattern flange for the front.

I can probably live with it - I wanted the rear flange for the opportunity to add an e-brake and based on thinking the 1410 would do more angle with a flange than a yoke.

I need to order a 14-bolt 1410 yoke now (ORD has 'em for $100+ and they sell the new crush sleeve I need) and then see about a driveshaft. (If it were flanged, I might be looking for a Super Duty 'shaft to cut down).

The front will be 1310CV to a 1310 as before. I'll probably call Tom Woods again.

But first, I need a plan for the exhaust so I can be certain of where I'm hanging the 'case.

I found this Thread on BP where it looks like the exhaust was run right in front of the crossmember, under the transmission.

Hmm.. a hard turn after the header, and it would seem to either hang down and get crushed, or get in the way of the front driveshaft's down-travel.

Unless I build an entirely new crossmember to run the adapter housing's mount. I was already concerned about whether my ladder bar crossmember could be installed with the Atlas in there..

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