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I had a friend who did that... at 40 he took a year off just like what you said.

Man, his life unraveled like a sumbitch and when he went back to work, he had a hard time explaining the time off and went back two rungs down and then very discouraged.

The reverberations from that year ended up really changing his arc in life and at 57 he is a long way from retirement much less a sabbatical... he has become a very negative, dark person and hates work more than ever.

If you hate what you do, then get out. Find something that makes you get up and with a reasonably light heart. If every day sucks, you are doing it wrong... I like working and will probably work another 8 years... I am good at it, and I get paid well, I still have kids in school (college) and some still launching... so, I could use the extra money...

I worry that retirement will be like not exercising or doing physical work and I'll waste away...
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