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18 months...damn. Even a year seems like forever and a day away while at the same time being a "meh" kind of feeling. I think it's slightly easier for my brother in law not to drink now since I'm "sober" or whatever. Maybe it's the FOMO or maybe he just dind't want to do it alone. Dunno. Dunkare. I quit tobacco (a few times) pretty easy just by not buying it anymore. It kind of felt odd but I didn't really miss it. Yeah I've smoked a few cigarettes since "quitting" but every time it's kicked my ass and I remember it not really phasing me when I smoked 5-6 a day. More habit than anything.

My grandma quit by throwing away lighters. My mother (15+ year "closeted" smoker) said she would find full cigarettes around the house in their usual locations. Grandma smoked and drank coffee so the unused cigarette was left next to her chair where she'd usually finished her coffee. Step father said his dad quit (cigars) the same way. Chewed cigars for a while but never lit them. Eventually quit buying them. I watched a guy in my office "quit" then bum a few dips from a guy until that guy quit. Just make sure you don't buy them, and if you REALLY want to be smart...put that 10% into a jar so you don't ACTUALLY have the money you haven't been spending. I'm not sure where the money I spent on beer came from. I'm always broke now.
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