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Pulled the 4 door back in and tore the front end apart. Turns out the 1st Gen spindles are interchangeable with the 2nd Gen. So the bushings will work as is.

I was also curious about the 1st Gen a arms since they are steel and have a bolt on ball joint instead of the stupid 1 piece cast a arm on the 2nd gen. Well the mounts lined up, but the ball joint is way further back on the 1st Gen a arm. I am really thinking about making my own a arms. It really doesn't look that complex to me. Might try to use a 7/8" hiem to replace the ball joint.

One thing that may interest some is putting 2nd Gen a arms on a 1st Gen to move the tire forward.

Another thing I noticed is that the knuckles look interchangeable, but have a few differences. The caliper ears are further out on the 2nd Gen, the 2nd Gen looks beefier in general, and the most interesting is the steering arm is way higher. Which interests me because my ends are bind before I get full droop. My plan was to just drill the knuckles for hiems and run them on top. As I type this, I'm realizing that may fuck with the toe through travel, but I'd probably never notice anyway

Got the pass side CV fitted, seems like it fits like it should.
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