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Originally Posted by ScoutBurton View Post
I'll have to post or send you pics later, but I basically did this same thing last year. I put an Atlas 4 speed behind my T-19 Wide via Novak Jeep T-18 23 spline adapter and mainshaft kit. I absolutely love it and the gearing options are killer. Was able to air hammer the body a little and rotate the Atlas up for a completely flat belly. I had an exhaust shop route the passenger side pipe down and under/across the oil pan hump, alongside the driver side pipe for a short run, then a 2 into 1 to a nice Magnaflow muffler.
I'd do the oil pan hump if I were running manifolds, but with the headers, I'd be bringing the exhaust forward before I brought it across.

(Maybe tractor puller headers...)

How much lift do you have? I really wanted the 4spd behind the T19, but I got nervous about the rear driveshaft - and even now, I think I "need" 37-deg out of the rear 'shaft to keep what I had before.

(a HP swap is a long ways off)

With the 1" body lift, the belly will still be flat - even if I rotate the Atlas down to relieve the front driveline angles a bit.

Beyond formulating a plan, I haven't started in on the new crossmember yet. I burned down my bandsaw and I'm swapping in a new motor first... so I can more readily cut the steel for the crossmember project.
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