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Originally Posted by DirtyComanche View Post
Don't wave at anyone other than another FSJer. Nobody knows what the fuck that thing is, or the horror that is owning one, other than other FSJ guys.

FSJNetwork and IFSJA are the forums for them.

Welcome to the club of owning some obsolete oddball and poorly built shit you can't get parts for.
Lol thanks i think. Thatís what kinda scared me about buying it but some of the stuff looks to be gm, the column looks gm along with the th400trans but i could be wrong. Needs a windshield but other then that it should be intact. Hopefully it only breaks down every other time i take it out so i dont have to keep towing it home
Since you perverts have a billion porn videos posted in the TP, I've disabled the function in the TP. It works everywhere else.
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