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Did ~25 mile loop of mixed smooth dirt roads, rough dirt roads, mild trails and a hair of crawling. No issues other than the noise from the pos rear drums. Rides really good, even with the struts topping out often.

Since I don't trust this thing enough to take out in the middle of nowhere by its self, I had the wife follow in our 3rd Gen 4runner.

Watch out for all that flex

Local area up our way, I've been going up here for my whole life and I still forget how amazing it is sometimes.

I definitely want to get the longer struts in, it's basically topped out just sitting there. You can feel it a lot on the rough roads. I should be getting the limit straps I need in the next few days for that.

As expected, gearing sucks, high range is pretty sluggish. And it has a hard time climbing in low, even stalls out occasionally, the sami case should be perfect with the 1.6/4.16.

Like I mentioned before, steering works really well even aired down, locked front in the rocks.

Speaking of lockers, this is my 2nd spartan and I love them. I had on in my FJ80 front and it almost felt open as far as steering but was always locked 100% when needed. Same as this one. The full carrier Detroit I put in my front 60 was not the case, even in 2 low, you could feel it binding and struggling to unlock all the time.
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