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Originally Posted by jr4x View Post
That looks like a lot of fun.

Couple questions:

1) what diff gear ratio do you have?

2) are you relatively still satisfied with the budget you've spent on this so far? As in glad you did it for the dollars?

3) think if it was an automatic you'd be able to get away with it as is better?
1) 4.62/4.56s

2) Absolutely, I still remember you mentioning not putting too big of tire on your build, and others overshooting it. I probably could have done 30s and not had to go down the Toyota diff road. Part of the fun for me is doing something a little different. It does help that I only paid $200 it

3) it came with a blown 5 spd and I swapped a 3spd auto in that I already had. If it was a more normal low range (~2.7) like most rigs. It would probably be tolerable. I don't know what suzuki was thinking with thier low range ratios. Samurai's should have came 4:1 stock.
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