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Originally Posted by GiS View Post
As a runner I can really appreciate the added clarity in the morning, not feeling fluffy and lethargic, etc etc. What race/route are you doing on Saturday?

Good work on Day 72 man. Rooting for ya.
Local run. The turn around point is an aid station for a 55K that just happened.

I hate hills.
I also don't like trail running too much.
My running friends know this about me.
If I'm lucky a guy in town will be able to run with me and we can make it fun. He just started training for Javalina Jundred.
I'm looking forward to figuring out my Trekking pole/handheld skill level. I've never run with poles and NOT had my vest. I'm thinking I can get through this run with just a handheld. If I can it opens up a TON of possibilities for future ultra marathons (not sure the wife knows I'd do another, or kind of want to) if I can get by with just a handheld between aid stations.

I'm telling myself it isn't a race it's just a "supported long run" for fun but, if there are only 10 people like last year (due to a major fire and tons of smoke) I could POTENTIALLY be in the running for the overall win. Only the overall winner gets an award. I'd be a big fish in a small pond if I won. I might even tell them to give it to last place even if it says winner. I'm more hoping they give out a Kleen Kanteen pint cup. $80 for a stainless cup I could buy plenty of...but it doesn't have the run/memories tied to it. I'd blow $80 on beer and it wouldn't last as long as the cup. I have the same cup from a different race at work and never use it. Wife asked why I was doing it (we're camping this weekend) and I told her "well we had nothing scheduled that weekend when I signed up and I want to check out the area. You won't want to hike there so this does both." She wouldn't hike there because she wouldn't want to hike 15+ miles with a 20 month old. Uphill for the whole first half.
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