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So right after I cut the factory mounts off, JetFxr calls to talk about his blown hotrod.. and informed me he ran his exhaust over the reduction box when he ran an Atlas 4spd.


Until tonight, when I realize after trying to install the shifters, there's no way I can go over the adapter housing (only a 2spd).. so in front of the crossmember is still probably the plan.

Test fit of the 2x3 crossmember showed that the Atlas now hits the crossmember on the passenger side mount, and the lower bolts of the front output would be the next thing to hit - so I clearanced it.

Not much extra room, and with the 1" body lift maybe there's really only one clocking that actually works.

I cut the RPT transmission mount in half and re-used it. The AA tailhousing has the mounting bolts about 1" wider compared to stock.

Then I used a 1/2" spacer to make up the height difference and put things back about where they were.

Now I have it bolted in, and my new Tom Wood's front 'shaft is here, so I started on the shifter.

I need to do some fabrication - the "inside" shifter (near the T19) linkage hits the boss on the T-19 case for the bolt for the top cover.

I think I can make it all fit if, instead of all-thread, I weld up a ---___--- steel bar that'll go around the boss in all positions.

Then I have to bend the shifters - the inside one clears the tunnel, but the outer shifter won't - and once I bend the outer shifter in to clear, the inner shifter will be in the way.

If I can get the front 'shaft in I can get it to the exhaust shop.

Meanwhile I just ordered a 1410 yoke for the 14-bolt. I spoke with the driveshaft guys and agonized over how to make things work - but I have ~5deg down slope on the T19 right now, so the 37-deg I thought i needed is more like 32. Looks like I'll be doing a little clearancing, but I can use my 1410 rear output, and won't have to go to a rear CV.

Or so I think today..

BTW, this aluminum case is still heavy, and in the summer with shorts on, it tears the sh*t up out of your legs if you can't hold it and it rides down your legs to the floor. Not any prettier the second or third time, either. The mounting studs leave nice bruises on your stomach, too..

Good thing I wear long pants to work - and lately, long sleeves are hiding the gouges in my forearms, too..

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