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Originally Posted by Hooligan View Post
In light of recent events, good on this kid for being prepared! Yes , carrying a capable firearm and body armor is being prepared.

Couple of snow flakes posting above, and fake 2A supporters with their “but”.

Hope the store manager gets charged for inducing panic by pulling the fire alarm and gets charged for improperly setting off the fire alarm. Hope the off duty firefighters gets charged with kidnapping at gun point and brandishing a firearm. Hope they also sue the police for false arrest and racial profiling.

The ACLU should be sending up a legal team to win this civil rights easy case.
I agree with this. Lots of people should do this until it becomes normal and people don't give a gun any notice at all. Unfortunately, it's too late for that. It's not 1980 anymore.

Treason is about betraying your fellow citizens to an enemy. Not about betraying your government to your fellow citizens.
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