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Originally Posted by Bo185 View Post
If you can get it bent back straight and level, which I doubt not with out cutting it, then you need to box it were the suspension it. Its fixable just depends if you got time and can weld. If so remove the deck next to the frame there and go to town. I would plate the other side as well. It was pretty overloaded those look like 3500# axles and springs GVWR on trailer should be 7000k, and I assume 3/16'' angle.

One reason to crawl under a trailer and inspect. I am sure dude knew it was fucked up.

Thanks for the info. Iím sure the guy knew it was messed up and had it positioned in such a way where it wasnít as noticeable. I crawled under the trailer to check the axles but didnít look too closely at the frame.

So your saying cut the angle iron and then make it straight and weld some fish plates or box it in to reinforce that area?
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