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1410 U-bolt yoke for a 14-bolt, next to a used 1310 U-joint from Tigger.

So I had some shifter problems with the standard Atlas shifter.

The inner shift linkage (for RWD, on the left) hit the T19. Specifically, it hit one of the bosses for the top cover.

Solution? Drop it.

In the end, it rubs along the T19 case but that's going to have to be OK.

I may have to bend the front drive shifter some more depending on how badly it hits the tunnel under throttle.

In case you're wondering, the AA shifter handles attach to the aluminum tower with some 1/4" recessed hex head axle bolts. One from each side, and you have to swing the other shifter out of the way to get the pivot bolt in, then hook the relay linkage up.

On a Scout II, you can't get a allen socket on it. You can't even get a regular L allen wrench on it.

I did have a "short" L that I could get in there, but that was a b*tch - until I cut an allen wrench and made a short hex key that I could push into the bolt, and then get after it with a 1/4" open end wrench.

That was a good solution compared to everything else - I darn near drilled an access hole like we often did for SII Dana 20 shifter pivots, but that would not have solved in the side facing the T19.
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