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Originally Posted by H8DWINGS View Post
Actually Lss Vegas has machine gun shoots and a bunch of conventions. Heck they have a NASCAR and NHRA track along with NHL awards, NHL and NFL team along with the Oakland As minor league 3A team.
Staying at a hotel doesn't require gambling. I've been there many times without gambling.
Plenty of business in Las Vegas that has nothing to do with gambling.

Oh and I don't recall any laws in Nevada making it illegal to win money. Statistically being difficult to win, and not legally being allowed to do something are very different.
All of those events can be and are held in other locations. They are held in Las Vegas because it early cemented its location based on legalized gambling.

Gaming; It is not 'statisically difficult to win'. It is statistically IMPOSSIBLE to win. If it were not, there would be no pyramid, skyscraper roller coaster, or Strip.

It is against the Law for gaming patrons to win in the State of Nevada. The businesses promote certain people. In business, this is known as Marketing, a required expense.

It is against the Law for the House not to win in Nevada. Period. Irrefutable.
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