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Wow, what a sad day. I just happened to check in yesterday after a long absence. I did not see this until I checked in this am.

We lost a good man! Screwy and I have trolled each other for more than 20 years. I believe we found each other initially on another board. We saw things different politically and was always happy challenging each other. We both always seemed to take each others bait...like moths to a flame. Those conversations and others reactions and involvement made for many great threads. He made me smile often with his trolling and interactions with others here. He was the one guy I was ready to hook back up with when I decided to log back in.

Screwy was the only guy I spoke too off the board and by PM. He gave me great advice on wood working and projects I had going on at my property and I was really interested in reconnecting and showing him how much I had gotten done. I always looked forward to his Burning Man posts they always accentuated how different we were and I like that.

Probably one of the things we all hope is that we made an impact enough on others to be remembered. Screwy did that for me. Had I not come back to learn the sad news, I would have still had days remembering how he was doing and smiling knowing he was throwing out the bait and reeling them in. Our relation was not as tight as others as we were just internet friends but he made an impact. He made me laugh and he gave me a perspective I would not have cared about otherwise.

I send his wife and family my condolences. I will always remember him as a good man who loved life and loved his family. What more could he have wanted.

RIP, Screwy
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