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Originally Posted by H8DWINGS View Post
I graduated from high school in California. Why would civics, a class on citizenship, in California talk about how Nevada became a state, what brings money into Las Vegas, or what the statistics of Nevada gaming are? Did you intend to say economics, or some other class dealing with finances? Maybe statistics?

Nevada gaming code...great. WHERE DOES IT SAY IT IS ILLEGAL FOR A STATE RESIDENT TO WIN? Your link doesn't answer my question.
Is THIS what you wanted to link? The specific list of people not allowed to gamble? It includes all employees of IGT which makes the machines but the same kind of goes for the Lotto in California last time I checked.

EDIT: Did you mean social studies? I've never heard of "civics class" in my life. The makeup of local governments? again, I'm not sure what this has to do with the founding of Las Vegas, the legality of winning, or anything else you have against Las Vegas, gambling, and being wrong.
Perhaps he feels you need to learn how to work on honda's compact car offerings.
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