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Originally Posted by mwilliamshs View Post
LoL @ previous owner's fault

Did you buy the truck and the trailer from that same PO?

Being too dumb to adjust your brake controller has got to be expensive in other areas of life.

"Why is it hot in here?"
The PO of this house had the A/C turned off.

Why is the water running?
The PO left it on.

Had a blowout. Damn PO had the tires aired down.
Truck is mine and i have had it 18 months or so. trailer is new to me. i am still learning this trailer so to speak. i had turned the brake controller down quite a bit already. when i panic stopped it the trailer tires were sliding though. i turned it down even more after that.

i have pulled this trailer 50 miles so the tires being flat spotted is not something i have done.
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