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I cut back because the Dr. said I had some signs of peripheral neuropathy caused by B-12 deficiency. That's basically stabbing pins and needles. Alcohol messes with your body's ability to metabolize the B-complex vitamins.

She gave me some supplements and they didn't really work, which I suppose is the Dr's way of demonstrating that it doesn't matter what you do, alcohol intake is the problem.

However, after cutting my drinking in ~1/2, the condition cleared up. Really, about 10 days after the Dr. visit, cleared right up.

My blood work keeps coming back good too. I'm convinced by research my cholesterol is in balance due to my copious intake of ethanol. Very good science for that.

I know that sobriety/12-step people are just praying as hard as they can for me to have a big systemic failure Sorry boys, I've been to a thousand of your meetings, I know exactly how your little minds think.

However, the damage done to my life by those hysteric Puritans is irrevocable. To them, it doesn't matter, since they lost limbs, killed their kids, killed someone, etc, so the fact I will never have anything allowed in my life except material possessions is nothing to them. And, as I found out, the rest of society outside sobriety circles was eager to throw my life away, they couldn't work fast enough to fuck me up, even before I drank alcohol

So I'll tip a G&T back for you guys, since I know none of you like that drink uke: My greatest self-inflicted health problem right now is my intake of Carbs.
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