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Originally Posted by Cool Hand Luke View Post
What is everyone's description / definition of an alcoholic? I see people posting saying they are done with a 30 pack or two/week, and I'm over here thinking I'll go through that in a work week alone, not to mention another 50-60 beers and a bottle or two on the weekend.. I'm 24 and I am constantly on time to work, I have a college degree, make all payments, etc.

I have never considered myself an alcoholic just a professional good timer. I don't think I plan on quitting anytime soon and have never really thought about it as a problem until reading this thread. Sure my friends and I will joke about it on a Saturday morning or something after a long evening or weekend but that's about the extent of it.

I am single with no family so that might be a part of it.

Well almost a year later and still 50-80 beers a week and some whiskey (always more intake during the summer on the lake). I still think about quitting often but haven't been able to control myself that much. I check this thread weekly and props to those that have managed to do it. I really want to limit drinking to weekends and vacations but I haven't been able to do that much either. I did switch to natty lights so at least I cut my carb intake in half. That being said yesterday was 4 weeks without a cigarette. I feel REALLY good about that one. Maybe alcohol is the next step.

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