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Originally Posted by sickboyboone View Post
Problem with a truck like yours is our fucked up gas prices dude. You won’t be happy with a 6.0 the only option is a diesel, and your only selling this for a down payment unless you go a couple years older. From experience, a diesel will pay for itself fairly quickly compared to that sweet ass 8.1, but damn them big block ls motors are sweet as fuck

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the new gmc and chevy have a gas 6.6 401 hp option. and diesel pays for itself about 5 percent of the time, most don't need it. it is usually just a waste of money. and don't get me wrong, i like them also. but they are really not needed. hell i towed 15,000 with my 18 6.3 {420 hp}1500 silverado. i had it flat on the floor and it slowed down to 45 going up the very last part of raton pass. that was the only time it lacked for a bit of pull. every where else it ran as fast as i dared.
that being said i bought a 19 duramax. only because i wanted to get back into the long bed.
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