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I own multiple 8.1 Chevys, my good buddy and my brother also. My brother hunted for months for your exact truck (if it’s as clean as you say) and literally found 3 on Craigslist (California) with as low of miles and as clean as yours for well over 15k. Each of them was sold within days.

He had to settle on a high mileage one with dents, dings, sun faded paint and needed work for 6k.

My buddy’s is probably one of the cleanest in existence. 2003 ccsb that has lived in his shop since new, 6” rancho lift, fully loaded leather crew cab with 48,000 miles on it that is showroom clean. He’s been offered 20k for it multiple times and he’ll not let it go.

These trucks have a very good reputation and quite a few people are hunting for your exact truck. Horrible fuel mileage, towing or not, but they’ll run with the same era diesels all day, super reliable and cheap to maintain.
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