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well i LIVE here in honolulu, grew up on maui, wifes family is from kauai,

#1--budget a LOT of money, hawaii is crazy expensive.
costco is your best friend, 2 loaves of bread for $6.00
when a 'regular' store is close to that for just one, and
a whole giant pizza is $10 when a large at pizzahut or
similar is $27+....

#2-- hawaii has a HUGE drug problem, lots of homeless meth heads
on every island. pay attention to your surroundings, dont be another

#3-- "most" people that live here are the definition of 'southern hospitality',
will feed you, help you if stranded, etc.. HOWEVER just like everywhere
else theres some baddies in the mix. use the force and 'screen' each
person on an individual basis.

#4-- respect. hawaii is weird. if you dont know someones name,
a safe bet is to address any younger/same age males as 'brother',
younger or same females as 'sister', older males as 'uncle'
and older women as 'aunty'. really old guys is ok to use 'papa',
but even a 100yr old woman should be 'aunty'--you know how
women are about their age... and take care of any wayward
or derelict children as your own.

#5-- be real. one thing we ALL hate here is 'two-faced'- you
will get more respect by being straight forward than by trying
to [email protected] someone. that being said, tread carefully--though
we are usually a friendly and kind people, again like anywhere
else you go, theres some baddies in the mix who are just looking
for an excuse to act up.

#6-- we dont have snakes, bears, wolves, coyotes, tick disease,
etc.. but there are still a lot of things that can hurt/kill you.
scorpions, centipedes, poison coral, sharks, eels, samoans...etc..
be carefull, do some homework.

#7-- cant stress this enough. for lack of a better word,
the water/surf in hawaii is really 'heavy'. a small 3ft wave
here is like a 8-10ft wave elsewhere, it will knock down
a 6ft 250lb guy and drag him out so fast you wont even know
it happened. sit awhile first before going out, pay attention to
where the locals go and dont go. if youre not a world class swimmer
you might not want to go out unless its a enclosed bay or something
they built for tourists. youtube 'queens bath', 'sandybeach', 'oahu
north shore surf' etc. to get a feel.

#8--i really hope you have a wonderful safe time. aloha.....

p.s.-- if you eat out anywhere, i highly recommend kalua pig--kinda like pulled pork.
or katsu cutlet, its boneless fried chicken with gravy... dang it now im hungry!

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