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Originally Posted by mwilliamshs View Post
Simply put, yes.

You bought a truck with a warranty. You had the opportunity to buy an extension of that warranty but refused. So now, you own a truck without a warranty. It is in fact unrealistic to expect warranty coverage without a warranty.

I would get it from the dealer to an ordinary garage. Clear any codes. Disconnect the battery. Wait a day. Charge the battery for that day. Reconnect battery. Clear any codes. Check trans fluid. Fill if below full. Drive it. If it shifts erratically or throws codes, take it to the trans shop.

Was transmission service part of your maintenance package? Is there a transmission service they should have performed by now? Did they? Did they document the fluid level at that time?
Ford used to perform trans fluid flush & change @ 100k... in last 7+ years they moved to 240k for the same service. Tech explains they got rid of the dipstick because it would rust anyway, and this way people also can't overfill the ATF (which would happen often enough to warrant removing it apparently)
Trans service specifically was not part of maintenance, it was just another part of regular maintenance... if it was required. But if I look at almost every work slip they "check marked" the trans inspection & service box... I would think that would cover inspecting the lines, but maybe not.

For comparison, I have 2 work slips that they inspected and advised replacing the license plate bulb & wiring harness because of corrosion (one covered under warranty) so why would they not have done the same for trans lines... if they were actually looking things over?

As for the warranty, I'm still waiting for clarification on whether the original leak would have been covered by extended warranty... being corrosion they couldn't say for sure YES or NO. If the line had burst, a joint had failed, or other "manufacturer defect" ya sure... but failure due to corrosion wasn't clear.

I do understand I am not owed anything, I rolled the dice and here I am. Just more of a "after all the services and inspections, why would they not have looked at or advised the lines looked rough?"
considering all the other little insignificant things they did look at and replace over the years.

truck will be coming home tonight/tomorrow, I will do as advised here, thanks.
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