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Originally Posted by brokedana35 View Post
Great stuff, great stuff! I can't say enough. I can shape things with a light DA sander (with no dust) rather than a grinder on fiberglass.

I did learn a few things using it...

Before you put a layer of fiberglass on it, put some masking tape over it. The resin tends to melt and distort the foam some.

Also, after sanding it to the shape, put the fiberglass on it within a day or two to hold shape. Because after sanding half of the foam away it wants to shrink up and pull a little bit after sitting for a while.

I could not get something I liked for the rear hood transition. But... easy to rip off and try again! and again.
Attachment 2943888

OK... after 4 attempts, I came up with this. I think I'll run with it.

Attachment 2943890
Attachment 2943892
Attachment 2943894
nice wrk, in comin along good
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