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Sounds like a bad situation, any way you slice it.
This is probably not related to your specific situation, but I had a recent transmission issue with my 2013 5.0 F-150. Was taking off from a stoplight and noticed the truck was real sluggish. No CEL or any other warnings, but the transmission seemed to shift only between 3rd and 5th. Odometer was blank and the speedometer wasn’t registering.
Limped it into a local dealership and they replaced the “Lead Frame Connector Extension” under Recall #19N01. Apparently it’s a wiring harness on the transmission that has been known to fail. No charge to me, and the truck has 130k miles. I also had to replace the alternator recently, but other than that, the truck has been problem-free.
You might post this issue at Ford-trucks.com. I’ve seen Ford representatives chime in there with offers to help with other problems people have posted.
Good luck!

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