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The whole diesel industry is looking at this totally different than guys over here and I can’t totally figure out why. It was explained to me over on CompD that

“With trump taking away funding from the epa they are forced to go after the ‘low hanging fruit’ and they’ve been shutting down tuning companies and shops that perform delete services to make up funding by enforcing laws that have technically been around since the smog issues in the 70s”

If you do some reading on all the diesel shops that have been raided and shut down recently it is rather scary. Hell, I personally know the owners of two different shops, one in Michigan and one in the Denver area, that we’re raided with armed federal agents. They came in like that scene in the first “fast and furious” when they go after that Asian dude. That scene is what both guys compared it to.

So where does this go? I mean Trump is lowering standards so the epa is acting like a cornered animal and going after anything it can. I really have no idea what is gonna happen next. Until the epa gets shut down completely or the states truly get their rights back I have no clue where this is heading.
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