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Initial mods should be rear locker and longer everything.

Throw a lunchbox locker in the rear because more traction = more better. Don't get too attached to the 8.8 since a 10.25 and 10.5 are bolt in swaps. Putting a detroit, arb, etc in a less than 1-ton diff under a full size vehicle is just pissing away money.

The radius arms out of a 99-04 2wd Superduty/Excursion will bolt right up (you need the brackets to go with) and doesn't cost an arm and a leg like the aftermarket stuff.

For longer shocks buy a pair of 90s F250 front shock mounts and graft them onto your coil buckets. Pics can be found online. Explorer Forum has a good reference built.

You need longer leaf springs and shackles (to get the most out of the long springs) out back. Chevy 63s will work. You will need to move the front spring hanger forward whatever you do. You may as well upgrade to the 6-bolt hanger that the F250/350 use at that time.

For longer rear shocks Autofab makes a mount but it's pricey. It'd dirt simple so just find some pics and copy it.

Longer brake lines are trivial and I'm not gonna cover them here.

Depending on how much travel you wind up with you will have rubbing on the center joint in the TTB. That can easily be fixed by opening up the window on the beam.

This will get you a very solid base rig that you can grow into and if you do decide to really build it up later basically none of that needs to be re-done (regardless of whether you keep the TTB or go SAS).

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