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I think you might be surprised how much a sail boat rigging loads are designed for. It's a much higher risk on a boat. So the design criteria is usually quite a bit higher.

Synthetic winch rope is just an alternative use of the early Dyneema rigging ropes. No reason we shouldn't also use the other sailing rigging parts. They work great. I'm kinda surprised it's taken so long to see more soft shackles around. I've used them for years. I'm also kinda shocked that people sell them for $50+ for $5 of rope and something you can make at home in about 15 minutes.

A 28mm Antal ring is rated for 14,000lb mwl. And they're $30 and fit in your pocket - except you've got to get the rope through the hole... so I'm not sure how folks plan on doing that unless you're going to pull the thimble off every time you want to use it. Or you'll use it backwards like the photo on the first page. That's not how they work normally.

Also relevant: Dyneema rope is UHMW plastic. It effectively self lubricates on the rings, so you should never overheat them, or at a minimum you'd need very high line speed.

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