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Originally Posted by SkZuk View Post
I have an H&H Speedloader like that. 18 ft and 2x 7k axles.

The deck is very steep when its tilted up high enough that the back hits the ground. The front axle comes off the ground so the rear axle really does get squished when loading heavier stuff. I don't think that specifically has bent my axles (but they are bent as fawk and need aligned/new tires).

Mine is an 07 so it goes without say that it needs a complete re-wiring and there is nothing of the factory paint left. Mine uses a long stroke bottle jack for tilting so it takes a couple minutes to lift it. I take the cylinder off for travelling so it doesn't get fawked.

Most cars can't take the approach angle so I stack 4 chunks of 2x4 under the back of the trailer and use a 2 ft piece of 2x10 so that the deck isn't so steep. So much for not dealing with ramps.

If its wet of snowy, even 4x4 trucks and awd SUVs can't climb the deck. Usually what I end up doing is getting on as far as possible, and then throwing a strap on the front tow hook up to the front of the trailer. Then you can let off the jack so that it starts to untilt. This only happens if you have enough weight far enough forward. If not you can get someone to pull you up or use another strap to untilt the trailer. Would really benefit from a winch at the front of the deck.

I guess the plus side of the H&H is that I do like the axle location. My old car hauler had the axles further back (and was only a 16ft) so I had to load all trucks backwards to get a nice tongue weight that wasn't excessive. The 18ft H&H has the axles in the right place so that I can haul a crew cab long box truck forward on the trailer and still set tongue weight. The H&H deck is higher with respect to the axles so while stuff is a little higher in the wind, you can also open car doors and not hit the fenders. Was opposite with my last car hauler.
Thanks for the info. That's interesting on axle placement. I have been thinking the opposite, all the tilt decks I see have the axle forward more than I would like. They do need to be forward to balance the deck and lessen the angle of tilt, but it seems like even on an 18ft trailer there is a ton of space wasted at the back that you simply can't load because it pulls tongue weight off the front. I could see with a long enough truck it would work out well though.

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