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Originally Posted by red75bronco View Post
Maybe the company doesn’t value what you went to school for. Great example, starting salary of mechanical engineer with a masters is less than one with a bachelors. It provides no value in most jobs.

No offense, but from what I just read, I would move on as your employer. Nothing ruins a successful business environment than a I am the greatest attitude. Trust me, if you leave tomorrow, they will be fine. If you stay, they will also be fine. Never understood why people thought they were so special. Everyone is replaceable.

This. I’d much rather have a team player with a good attitude over a self-glorifying badass. A leader isn’t trying to simply assemble the best players, but trying to assemble the best team. Maybe you’re a team player, OP, or maybe you think you’re above your team. By the way—moving up higher in management and being successful means being more of a team player than the individual contributors. You often lose more autonomy the higher you go through the first few rungs of leadership.
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