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Originally Posted by Haole View Post
Compared to the 70's, there's not massive amounts of smog.
And there's what like 10 million people in LA county now, vs. 7 mil in 1970, and the plan wasn't just tailpipe emissions, it was lighter fluid, tire design, fireplaces, etc., and it worked, and then there was that gas additive, MBPA or something, that worked great, but it contaminated the ground water, whoops.

It's diminishing returns for sure. A '72 Polara put out as much as 100 or more modern EFI/catalyst cars, and the mfgs have adapted to make this the real golden performance age, but how much lower can they go, not much of course. Electric cars don't have tail pipe emissions, but their tires do, and the manufacturing process of the batteries is dirty. Science will figure it out.
Originally Posted by Mustard Dog
Me and my co driver were running across the Lakebed on our way to pre run when we saw :gary: walking his dog.

We didn't stop to say hi cause he's a fucking douchebag.
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