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Originally Posted by KacksterK5 View Post
We have emissions testing here in MD too; $14 to have your shit tested, if it passes you're good for 2.5 years. If it fails, you have 180 days to fix it and another $14 to test it. If it fails again and you pay to test it. You show receipts for the work you did or parts you bought, if they add up to $150 you get to pay for an exemption and you drive around pumping smog...
*For light vehicles, 1996 & up...

Upstate NY has annual inspections for $21.00.
Breakdown is~
$11.00 for emission testing (OBD2)
$10.00 for safety checks

If one fails the emissions, $450.00 max to fix within 30 days. Fail again, get a waiver good enough for another year.

In the big city & surrounding counties fall under NYMA (New York Metropolitan Areas), $37.00 a year.
$27.00 for emissions
$10.00 for safety.
The inspection stations have at least one exhaust proctologist, the tech inserts a long tube "up there" to get readings.

Maryland sounds like a cheap place to live-
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