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Originally Posted by Feliks View Post
what you write about me is absolutely not true ... I have not received any such proposal .. And even if I received it, I probably would not have issued these drawings, because what is the point for someone who cannot do them themselves ... and pretends that he could make a prototype .. I have a prototype made .. and if someone wants to use it certainly knows how to find me .. Why would he go to someone who does not even draw, but can only slander others ...

I did offer, it is in this thread even. I have the resources at hand to amuse your ramblings. But as I expected you are all talk and can not produce anything. Why would I want to draw up "your" design? You will never build this pipe dream and it will never go anywhere. For one, you have nothing, for 2, when given a golden opportunity to have someone else build and potentially showcase your great invention to the world you give some bullshit excuse why you can't or wont.

Your loss and likely much better for me not to get involved. Go live in your delusional world powered by your nonexistent super engine.

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