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Originally Posted by TheCopperCowboy2 View Post
What part about the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch do you not understand? The buck and shit stops at the top.
You are dumb. If Trump gets brought to trial, they have to let him summons anyone for his defense. Those witnesses, as a consequence of their testimony about Trump, will also reveal (not unintentionally) that all Congressional Democrats are involved in Emouluments type kickback schemes as we all know all Congressmen and Senators are.

But, for a stupid dumb fucking retard such as yourself, the way it has to be explained is "It's going to become a shit-flinging contest and the Democrats will lose more than they gain."

Hopefully that last sentence has meaning to your attenuated intellect.

Now, Saikat Chakrabarti is hoping for just that. The young Congressfemales he controls are too inexperienced to have much shit attached to them, and the financial and immigration violations are being ignored, so if the old Democrats are brought down by Impeachment, it strengthens his stable of stupid retarded whores, and they gain more power, thus he gains more power.

That's what's goign on, that's why Pelosi didn't want to investigate, that's why there will likely not be an Impeachment.

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